The launch of Mezaya Baby

Creative Director Victoria talks about inspiration behind the launch of her first collection.

Hello! I’m Victoria. The past year has been the most challenging, life affirming and emotional time of my life! Becoming a mother, experiencing a complete metamorphous change from maiden to mother whist juggling a job and caring for a newborn baby inspired me to create Mezaya Baby. Looking back, i'm not sure I quite realised what I was taking on! 

After my daughter was born, I felt different, like something major has shifted and changed in my life. I felt I needed an outlet in which I could combine my burning drive of creativity with the possibility and dream of one day growing a brand to be able to support my new little family.

(With a background as a professional modern ballet dancer, a freelance choreographer specialising in dance fashion shoots and running a wellbeing studio) I had to learn fast how to juggle and balance motherhood with working on a new start up and caring for my sweet new baby. I found the only time I could truly work on and fully give my attention to focusing on launching Mezaya Baby was at night whist my daughter slept, which turned out not to be very balancing at all! But, determined and driven, slowly, night by night, it began to take shape.

The birth of my daughter Annabelle inspired me to move forward with this little dream. I just couldn't find a baby carrier that I liked, that I felt I could still retain some self identity many of the carriers I tried were bulky and I felt had too many unnecessary bells and whistles, buckle, clips and padding just just didn't feel right for me. I though, great for hiking but I wanted something quite luxurious, easy, minimal and stylish that I could wear from the car to the shops and use to calm a fractious baby for a daytime nap so my hands were free to work - yet still have her close on my chest, her favourite place to be. I wanted something that could work with an outfit but most importantly be truly functional for the precious task of keeping a small, delicate creature safe, close and comforted.

So that lead me on a journey. Sample after sample... I chose to create my first collection from exquisite artisan thai silk. This silk is rare, sumptuous and rather special. All the colour ways are limited editions and hand crafted as such small quantities are only ever woven. So why silk, with a baby?! I hear you ask! Well, Silk has so many wonderful properties - it's great a repelling dirt, super for hot and cold climates, it's one of the strongest natural fibres on earth and it's luxuriously beautiful. It's totally functional and actually wonderfully practical too. 

I designed a mini doll sling version for siblings to wear with a teddy or dolly which I am proud to say a portion of the profit goes towards buying essential supplies for an Orphanage near where our slings are sewn. I truly hope as the brand grows that I am able to raise more and give more and more. 

Seeing mothers and babies around the world wearing the sling (though the magic of social media, I call them my #mezayamum('s)) is such a rewarding feeling, knowing that they too are experiencing the gentle and wonderful benefits of baby wearing keeps me working hard. 

I have so many ideas and hopes for the future of the brand and I want to keep adding to and developing the collection. It's an exciting time and I hope you will join me and follow my journey. See you on Instagram @mezayababysling. xx

Victoria x

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