Designed to help you go about life whilst keeping your little one nurtured and close. The best time to wear our clip carriers is from approx 8 weeks onwards proving your baby is at least 3.5kg/7.5lb. The carrier has been weight tested to 20kg/ 45lb.

We recommend you start with the Newborn Baby Wrap for your brand new baby. The ring ring is a also a great choice as it can supports newborn to  toddler. Read this to understand more.

The choice of impeccable materials allows the carriers to compliment your wardrobe, helping you retain a sense of self AND mother hands-free! Read why EVERY mother needs a sling.



What is a pelvic TUCK position?

When baby is encouraged into a ‘pelvic tuck’ position their natural ‘c’ shape curved spine is supported. Airways will also be more open, they will feel able to comfortably relax AND sink down securely in their carrier against their carers body. This positioning helps to encourage healthy hip development. ENCOURAGE THIS POSITION IN THE SLING: Very gently hold baby’s thigh (with a thumb and finger) and scoop towards your body to encourage a gentle tuck, the pelvis scoops under and their weigh falls deeply into their bottom. This encourages that ‘c’ shape spine and ‘m’ shape with ‘bum below knees’. Check out our videos guides on our website.


HELP! My baby won’t settle in the CARRIER?

First things first, if you are feeling anxious your baby will pick up on it. Choose a time when you are both relaxed. Then go for a brisk walk, the walking motion will help. Always check baby has a clean nappy, (sometimes a baby will wriggle and want to be put down if they need to poo!) Check that they are hungry, hot or cold and latch them on in the sling if you breastfeed. Watch our for too small babygrows that can squeeze at toes once knees are bend. Lastly make sure they are sat in a supported pelvic tuck position. (See Q&A above). If they are not fully supported they won’t be comfortable and therefore won’t relax and settle.


Is it OK for my baby to fall asleep in the CARRIER?

YES. It can lull them to sleep like being back in the womb! Check baby often, ensure airways are clear and always follow the TICKS guildines for safety.



Can I face baby forward in this carrier?

No. This carrier is not designed for forward facing.
This carrier is designed for tummy to tummy front carry and
back carry (when baby can sit unaised).

Top tip: this carrier is designed to be worn high on your waist, just below your ribs (not down on your hip).


Can I breastfeed in the CARRIER?

YES! The carrier is so great for breastfeeding in. You can loosen the straps and lower baby down to latch on. Just remember to reposition baby and carrier when finished.


I want to double check with someone that I am wearing the CARRIER correctly.
Come and join us over in our private facebook group: Mezaya Baby Mezaya Mum Circle. Post a photo or your question there and our community and our qualified baby wearing consultant will help you.



When your baby can sit unadided (approx 6 months) you can start back carries. Practice over a bed and with a friend helping. This is an advanced carrry.


Your CARRIERS look lovely, but are they safe?

When worn correctly they are very safe. Read the instructions, follow the TICKS and watch the video guides. Always ensure that your baby’s airways are clear, their chin is not resting on their chest and that you have a clear view of baby’s face.

All our carrier styles have been independently lab tested to strict guidelines. For low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges Mezaya Baby Carriers as “hip-healthy”products when used as directed.


Where are your slings made?

Our baby carriers are designed and ethically sewn in small batches in the beautiful South Hams area of Devon in the UK.