Designed to help you go about life whilst keeping your little one nurtured and close. Our slings can be worn from newborn (3.5kg) to toddler. They are made by hand in a studio in South Devon, England.

The choice of impeccable materials allows the carriers to compliment your wardrobe, helping you retain a sense of self AND mother hands-free!


Be patient with yourself. Remember you are mastering a new skill. 

If you haven't got the placement right the first time, don't worry about taking your baby out to try again. 

Soon you'll be able to put it on with your eyes closed, it's that simple once you know how!  


Does my baby sit in the sling upright? 

YES. For safety and healthy spine and hip development, ensure your baby is positioned UPRIGHT in the sling. Babies legs should always be supported from KNEE crease TO KNEE crease, with only the lower leg swinging freely. The whole under thigh should be supported by the sling. Remember ‘bottom below knees’,  baby should be sitting with their pelvic in a TUCK position.


What is a pelvic TUCK position? 

When baby is encouraged into a 'pelvic tuck' position (in their sling or wrap) their natural 'c' shape spine curve is supported. Airways will also be more open, they will feel able to comfortably relax AND sink down securely in their carrier against their carers body. This positioning also helps to encourage healthy hip development. ✨✨ENCOURAGE THIS POSITION IN THE SLING OR WRAP: By gently raising baby's knees towards their chest - the pelvis scoops under and their weigh falls deeply into their bottom. This encourages that 'c' shape spine and 'm' shape with 'bum below kn'. 👉🏼WITH NEWBORNS, instead of palms on soles of feet (as seen in this video), very gently hold baby's thigh (with a thumb and finger) and scoop towards your body to encourage a gentle tuck. 




What is a ‘Tummy To Tummy Carry’?

Your baby’s tummy is facing your tummy and is upright in the sling. Wear your baby on or off centre. This carry is suitable from newborn (3.5kg+) through to toddler. We have two videos, one showing an 8 week old newborn in the sling and one showing him at 8 months old in the sling. View the instructional videos here.


What is the ‘Hip Carry’?  

Hip carries can be used for older babies who can sit unaided (generally from around 6 months+) and toddlers. The baby is basically sitting on your hip in the sling. Some people like this, others to prefer use the tummy to tummy carry right through into toddler hood. View the instructional videos here.


HELP! My baby won't settle in the sling?

First things first, if you are feeling anxious your baby will pick up on it.  Choose a time to try when you are both relaxed. Then go for a brisk walk, the walking motion will help. Always check baby has a clean nappy, (sometimes a baby will wriggle and want to be put down if they need to poo!) Check that they are not hungry, or latch them on in the sling if they are breastfeeding. Lastly make sure they are sat in a supported pelvic tuck position. (See Q&A above).  If they are not fully supported they won't be comfortable and therefore won't relax and settle. Check out all of our videos here.


My baby weights less than 3.5kg, can I use this sling? 

Slings are labelled with a minimum starting weight of 3.5kg. Wrapping babies smaller than 3.5kg and premature babies can be wonderfully beneficial when done safely. We always advise that you seek the guidance from a qualified babywearing consultant or relevant medical professional to ensure you receive personally tailored care and advice. We have a baby wearing consultant in our facebook group who can help you. Babies with respiratory problems or low muscle tone should also seek the advice of a health care professional before using this carrier. Remember, always monitor your baby's breathing and cues no matter their size. Keep fabric open and away from their airways, so their face is fully visible and kissable by just a nod down.


My baby looks like she needs head support. What should I do? 

Strictly speaking you don't need to provide any head support if you have baby has good pelvic tilt as the squat position actually protects the neck from tilting backwards very much. Sometimes you need to adjust once the sling once they fall asleep to allow them enough space to sink as they have low/no muscle tone when asleep versus being active and moving when awake. So sometimes loosening and then retightening allows this. If you feel want to provide support, using the tail can be rolled into the top as long as not cause too much pressure on neck. You can also roll in a little muslin or wash cloth to create a pillow behind baby's head for extra neck support. Use this tip if you are carrying a newborn or a sleeping baby in your ring sling OR a newborn in a baby wRap 👍🏼👍🏼 




Can I breastfeed in the sling? 

YES! The sling is so great for breastfeeding in. You can loosen off the sling and shimmy them down to latch on. 


Is it OK for my baby to fall asleep in the sling?

YES. Babies LOVE to sleep in slings, the movement lulls them to sleep like being back in the womb! Check baby often, ensure airways are clear and always follow the TICKS guildines for saftey.


How do I wash and soften my linen sling AND should I wash it before use? 

Your sling can be machine washed on a quick 30 degrees. Wash separately. (Plain water, without soap, if you are washing your sling ready for your newborn). Put a sock over the rings to stop the tapping noise in the machine as it spins! Hang to dry. It make feel crispy after naturally drying, but friction will sort that out - so scrunch the fabric up and it will soften in no time. 




I want to double check with someone that I am wearing the sling correctly!

Come and join us over in our private facebook group #mezayamum tribe. Post a photo or your question there and our community and our qualified baby wearing consultant will help you.


Your slings look lovely, but are they safe? 

When worn correctly they are very safe for baby. Read the instructions, and watch the videos. All our carrier styles have been independently lab tested to the strict guidelines of the British Standard. 


Where are your slings made? 

Our baby carriers are ethically sewn in the UK, in a small studio in South Devon. We use high quality authentic Irish linen. 



Let’s talk about Linen. We LOVE it!


Not only do we think it's one of the most stylish fabrics in fashion history, it also: 

  • Gets softer with use. Like you it just gets better with age :) 

  • It's great for warm weather too because of it's active heat-regulating property.

  • It's hypoallergenic, anti-allergenic and it absorbs moisture without holding bacteria. 

  • Derived from highly sustainable Flax, (which is grown with little or no chemical fertiliser & little water.) 

  • Easy to care for, wash at 30º.  No need to iron, it looks great with natural creases!