We specialise in beautiful carriers that simplify life. 

Think of the freedom to go where a buggy can't, the safety of keeping your baby close and the comfort of going through these hazy days connected heart to heart and in tune with each other's needs. 

We believe baby and mothers thrive when they get to discover the world and learn together. In your Mezaya you can take your baby with you wherever you go - it's liberating and it's your babies happy place - right up high, next to you. 
Mezaya is a lifestyle, permission to mother your way.
Experiencing all the beautiful, positive, joy filled moments baby wearing has bought to my life - it's had such a huge impact on me that I know this was something I had to share...and so Mezaya (ME - ZAY- YA)  was born. 

"When you allow the time and space to feel connected to your little one, when you carry them so close that you learn to pick up on their cues and meet their needs before the crying escalates or even starts, that builds so much confidence in your parenting ability. Pure happiness and a bond of trust develops between you and your baby. It's a truly amazing thing."


We make carriers that are elegant, functional AND beautiful. We

choose conscious production and makes mindful fabric choices. High quality, simple yet luxurious design matters to us. Always ethically made in Devon, UK.


Love, Victoria Lowry