- Keep baby content, monitored and close, with HANDS FREE MOTHERING....you can put on makeup, email, prep food, chase a tot.


easier parenting

- Navigating a pram can be tricky. Think busy cafes, flights of steps, bustling crowds. Using a wrap or sling gives you back that sense of FREEDOM and a very happy baby!



- Feed discreetly in the sling. The tail can also be used as a cover for your modesty. 


lightweight & cool

- Say goodbye to bulky carriers and say hello to carriers that accessorise your outfit in versatile, stylish & neutral tones. 


feel confident

- By holding baby close, it's easier to pick up on cues and meet their needs (before the last resort of crying begins.) Win win for mum + babe.


lift your mood

- Babywearing and helping with: Postnatal depression, delve deeper with a google. Check out 'Kangaroo Care' if you have a special care or prem baby.

simplify sleep

- Create flexible sleeping habits. Carry them and sleep will come wherever life takes you.


it's magicAL

- Skin to skin contact is an AMAZING thing. It's even believed to help baby regulate their circadian rhythm, temperature, respiratory rates and develop physically and emotionally.

develop trust

- Promotes a bond of attachment, an intimate connection and TRUST.

babies cry less

Research shows that infants who received supplemental carrying cried and fussed 43% less during the day and 51% less during the evening hours.

happy baby

 - Because of the upright positioning, carrying can help relieve the symptoms of colic and reflux and give that tiny tummy a massage too.


 - Allows baby to OBSERVE the world and see your interactions from a high, safe view point. Reduces chances of developing positional plagiocephaly (when the back of baby's head is flattened from spending too much time lying on their back.)