"Choose a time to first try the sling when your baby has fed and isn't hungry. If your baby is fussing in the sling, and you're pretty sure you've got the sling placement correct (check the TICKS), try going for a brisk walk or having a little bounce to relax your baby with motion. It may take a few goes - slowly introduce the sling for a few minutes at a time at first, build up the knowledge in your own body, get comfortable and confident, perfect the positioning in front of a mirror and hang in there - soon you'll be a hands free, multi tasking mummy!" 

When my daughter is tired or starts fussing I know that I can get the sling out and it will help calm her down and help her feel secure in new environments. Often the motion of being carried in the sling helps to lull her to sleep. I don't know what I would do without it! It's a life saver on my arms! I love walking freely without worrying about navigating a pram or buggy around awkward steps and street crowds... and I have both arms free. Having her close enough to kiss is divine and I treasure our precious time cuddled up together."

Did you know: 

Almost all of a baby's senses are stimulated during carrying, which helps develop motor, sensory and cognitive development. Skin to skin contact with your baby helps to produce stress- reducing hormones, it also helps calm the mother. 

Slings can be used around the house or whilst out and about, from a newborn baby all the way through to the toddler years (our slings have been weight tested up to 15kg). The Mezaya Sling folds up very small, so is it very portable and will fit in a baby changing bag. The sling is very simple with no wrapping or buckles and once you get the hand of it it'll take just a few seconds to set up and get comfy.