We appreciate and understand the hard work that sling libraries do to support parents and to spread the wonderful word and vast benefits of baby wearing. We would love more Libraries to add Mezaya Baby to their stock.

We offer Sling Libraries and Consultants across the UK the option of purchasing a Mezaya Baby Heritage Linen sling at a 30% discount and our Limited Edition Silks at a hefty 50% discount  - when ordered for your library's stock. 

As an incentive for you to refer customers to us, we will also supply you with a special code to pass on to your clients for FREE UK SHIPPING (in the form of a unique code to use at the checkout). As a BONUS for your library, when we receive 10 orders that use your unique code, that will equal 10 points. We will then send you a FREE linen sling from our Heritage Linen Collection to add to your Library. Alternatively, wait until you have collected 15 points and we'll send you a limited edition silk sling for FREE.

To apply for this discount, please email us details of your library (so we can add you to our website listing of libraries that stock our slings, together with links to your Facebook page and website). Please also include in your email a copy of your Babywearing Consultant qualification. We will then reply to you with your discount codes. 

We look forward to hearing from you!