I have a newborn baby - which carrier should I go for? 


Our wrap has been designed for the newborn period (from our experience for use until approx 16 - 20 weeks old, basically until your baby has back strength - as the fabric is so soft and beautifully lightweight) 

Our wraps fit like a glove and are perfect for recreating the safe, warm, womb like environment for baby. They feel very comforting to wear, especially when your body is feeling sensitive during the fourth trimester! 

The wrap is a long piece of fabric that you tie around you (it's simple when you know how) and it's tied in such a way that you can pop baby in and out as needed without un tying it. If you are breastfeeding you can remove baby out of wrap (keeping wrap on, but you need to wear a button down top) and then pop them back in when you are done feeding.. 

The sling can be used from newborn until toddler. 

Both are lovely carriers, they just feel very different. Ring slings are great for quick carries as (once you know how) they are very simple to adjust and get on and off. 

Personally, I switched between the two types of carrier with my newborn.. I had a toddler to chase after all and baby wearing was a lifesaver! It is such an amazing way to keep baby content, close and safe and I could feed and read his cues way before the crying started! 

So, Ring sling or Wrap?

BOTH is the answer!! We sell both, because both have their major benefits and switching between them is the most ideal thing for many mums. Personally, I preferred the different carrier depending on my mood, how I was feeling that day and where I was going (or not going!). I remember choosing the ring sling if I was out somewhere and I couldn't sit to feed easily or wanted to feed really discreetly, as you can just loosen it off, lower baby and latch them on. I remember choosing the wrap often at home when my body was feeling sensitive or when I knew I'd be out walking for a longer period of time. I switched between using both carriers throughout the day. 

The ring sling can be used through to toddler years. Even when your tot starts walking or when you have them in a buggy or car, you can keep one with you for the times when they a) refuse to sit and only want to be carried or b) you need to walk faster than baby pace or c) when you need to keep them safe out of a crowd or near a road and on and on! I found it to be a toddler tantrum lifesaver too!!

Even if, later on, your preference is a structured buckle type carrier - we've found lots of mums still switch between using a ring sling too as they are just so convenient and quick to use. A great parenting tool (that always come in useful during teething or nap time when extra cuddles are required!).  

Hope that helps explain the carriers a bit! 

Victoria x