How can I ensure my baby is in a healthy position in the wrap?
For healthy spine and hip development, ensure your baby is positioned upright in the wrap. Ensure babies legs are supported from knee pit to knee pit. The whole under thigh should be fully covered and supported. Remember ‘bottom below knees’, baby should be sitting in a slight pelvic tuck - think knees drawn up in comfort and a naturally curved spine.


What age baby is this newborn wrap suitable for?

This wrap has been designed for the newborn period. Most use will happen in the first few months - until approx 3 - 5 months old, depending on the development of your baby. Once your baby has gained neck and upper back strength and is more interested in the viewing the world around you or leaning backwards, it’s time to change carriers. Check out our ring slings if you haven’t already.


My baby weights less than 3.5kg, can I use this wrap?
Wraps are required to be labelled with a minimum starting weight of 3.5kg. Wrapping babies smaller than 3.5kg and premature babies can be very beneficial but please always seek the guidance from a qualified babywearing consultant or relevant professional to ensure you receive personally tailored care and advice. Babies with respiratory problems or low muscle tone should also seek the advise of a health care professional before using this carrier. Remember, always monitor your babies breathing and cues no matter their size - keep fabric open and away from airways so their face is fully visible and kissable by just a nod down.

My wrap seems too low on my body, how do i wear it up at the correct hight?

When setting up your wrap, pull the fabric very taut. Tighter then you think. (But not so tight that it hurts please or cuts of blood supply!) Watch our newborn wrap video here for a demonstration of how to put the wrap on. The older and heavier the baby, the tighter you will need to set up the wrap.

With newborns, as a precaution, ensure their head is not curled down or forced into their chest, as this may restrict their breathing. For safety, it is advised to ensure there is at least a fingers width under their chin. Our wraps have been designed to be worn quite high up on your body. For comfort & safety position your child high - not low on your body. Always ensure your baby’s face is close enough to kiss by simply glancing and nodding down. Check your baby is sat in a natural pelvic tuck position by gently holding each thigh with a nger and thumb and scooping upwards so knees are higher than bottom.


The shoulder straps seem very wide?

You can ease the shoulder fabric outwards and fold over the excess so there is no uncomfortable pressure points and baby’s face is in view. Try to manoeuvre the excess fabric and fold down in a way to suit your body shape. The fabric that crosses behind you can also be adjusted for comfort, spread it wide.  (Tip: A little wash cloth can be folded and rolled under the middle pull up section of the wrap, where the tag is, to make a little pillow if extra head support is required.)


Can I wear my baby on my back or facing forward?

No. Our wraps are only suitable for the one carry we show. These other positions put too much pressure on baby’s spine and delicate joints. Please NEVER wear your baby facing outwards in a wrap. It is not safe to make back carries in our wraps either, our wraps are very stretchy and there is no safe way to do this, especially with a newborn.


My baby won’t settle in the wrap?

Is your baby hungry or does he need a nappy change? Try going for a walk, movement is a wonderful way to help settle a baby in a carrier. Also ensure they are sitting in a comfortable position. If you are struggling to get comfy, email or DM on Instagram us with a photo and we will help you out. 


How ‘snug’ should the wrap be on baby in the wrap?

VERY SNUG! It is not necessary to leave room for baby when setting up the wrap. The wrap should feel comfortable and like a second skin that snugly embraces your baby’s body and feels very supportive - but not be so tight that it is uncomfortable for you or your baby. 


Is it OK for my baby to fall asleep in the wrap?

Yes! Babies love to sleep in wraps, often movement lulls them to sleep. Check baby often, ensure their nose and mouth have air (never covered in fabric) and always follow the TICKS guildines for safety.


What makes the newborn wrap so special?

We use very high quality, silky soft, lightweight fabric made from fibres extracted from beech trees. Our wraps fit like a glove and are perfect for recreating a safe comforting womb like environment for baby. They feel very comforting to wear during the fourth trimester. Enjoy!


Where are your wraps made?

Our wraps are hand made in Devon, England. Our fabric is also made for us in the UK.