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Double the fabric. Double the SUPPORT. Designed for OLDER BABIES + TODDLERS. 

Our standard, single layer sling suit most, but for those who want extra support carrying larger babies and toddlers and are experienced in using a sling - this one is for you! These are strong and thick! Because of the double thickness they need some extra 'breaking in' time. 

Currently available in: Flax (gold rings), Fawn (gold rings), Devon Rose (silver rings), Sandstone (gold rings). 

Mezaya Baby slings are ideal for use any time of the day (or night!) when you need to quickly transport, comfort, nurse or hold your little one whilst freeing up your hands or tired arms. 

  • ​One size sling, adjusts to fit.
  • For older babies and toddlers.
  • Crafted from a DOUBLE layer of authentic Irish 100% Linen
  • Machine washable 30º. (We love the relaxed linen crumpled look, but it's easy to iron out the creases if desired.) 
  • Great for experienced baby-wearers (it can take more effort to thread and break in, as there is double the thickness of fabric!)

​Each sling is beautifully packaged in an reusable, fair-trade drawstring storage bag. Full product instructions with images are also included.

All our baby carriers are made in the UK, ethically sewn in South Devon. 

Why Linen? 

Our authentic Irish linen is exceptional in it's quality. With wear, it turns buttery soft and is world renowned amongst fashion houses around the globe. Woven in a centuries old family mill - we've avoided mass market production. It's just how we like to do things, it's a fundamental way that we like work at Mezaya Baby.

Read more about our Linen fabric and our slings here.    


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