Mezaya Baby - Donating supplies to the Orphanage

When my daughter was born, it broke my heart to think of all the other babies and children who are born into a world less fortunate. My dream was to create a business in which I could support my family as well in particular orphaned and abandoned children -infants who are growing up without a parents love, cuddles or care. It's almost to much to imagine.

I started mezaya baby hoping this could be a way to do so.

Even though I feel like I have only recently 'officially' launched Mezaya Baby and it is still in the start up phase as I work hard to spread the word and build the brand, I really wanted to start giving what I could from now.

As you might already know our slings are crafted from sumptuous Thai silk, created by artisan weavers which are limited edition silks. An integral member of our team (my wonderful brother) is overseeing the production in person out in Thailand and is working with our group of super skilled seamstresses. Playing a part in supporting these women through providing them with more work and supporting their cultural heritage of silk production is something we are proud to be contributing to.

Today I am so delighted that mezaya baby was able make a trip in person to donate essential supplies to a very special orphanage in Thailand called 'Wat don chan' with money that we raised though our sling sales so far. All of the children at this orphanage are from poverty stricken hill tribe villages, many have been orphaned or abandoned. They are taken in by the Buddhist monk's at the orphanage to receive food, shelter and an education.
Mezaya baby delivered essentials they requested such as soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, stationary and other common items that we often take for granted. What they need in addition is clothes, cleaning supplies, mops and tools, mosquito nets, mattresses, educational supplies and forms of protein for the children's diet.

The great thing about us buying the supplies and delivering them in person to the Orphanage is that we know that every penny we spend on supplies and donate is going directly to the children and know it's not getting lost in administration.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a sling so far and supported Mezaya Baby. You weren't aware that your purchase would go towards helping these children. Thank you for choosing to buy your baby sling from us.

I know that as our little brand grows, we will continue to have a positive impact and will be able to donate more and more. This is at the heart of mezaya baby and I intend to continue to make this a reality.

Victoria x 

Wat Don Chan - Chiang mai - North Thailand

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