Cold Weather tips for using your baby carrier, sling or wrap


Cold weather baby wearing tips



Whether in a car seat, a baby carrier or a bed, being too hot is not good for babies. It's important to remember that babies are not yet able to regulate their own temperature in the same way that adult bodies do, so over-bundling them can be dangerous. 

When carrying in a sling or wrap we suggest ditch the bulky snowsuit. As you walk about with your child wrapped up next to you, your own body heat will naturally transfer to your baby to help keep them toasty and vice versa (You own personal baby 'hot water bottle' attached to you is a lovely feeling!). By not having that padded coat/ snow suit in between you both, you will be able to sense and monitor their temperature easier. They will probably be much more comfortable too, as a baby in a bulky suit can be awkward to position in a sling/wrap. 

Dress baby in their normal winter indoor clothes and know that the sling counts an extra layer and the wrap more (as it wraps round 3 times!). Do focus on keeping their extremities warm with a hat and boots and keep legs and arms warm too. (Wool is such a great choice if you are looking for a natural and breathable fibre to dress your baby in!)

We suggest instead adding the layers over the carrier -  wear your old maternity or an oversized coat around the both of you to protect you both from the chill. As always - always ensure that there is NO fabric covering over your babies face, check your baby's airways are clear so they can breathe fresh air in too. (common sense prevails.. i.e don't zip them up over their head in the coat and do make sure their face isn't smothered by fabric or a scarf you might be wearing.) 

Check for the signs of an over hot baby:  flushed cheeks, sweatiness, clammy chest/back or unusually sleepy and remove a layer accordingly. A good test is to slip a couple of fingers down their back to check they are warm and not sweaty. 

I hope these tips help you and happy winter baby carrying!

Victoria x


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Top tips for winter babywearing


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