A minimalist’s guide to dressing post baby

 9 style Essentials for your new mum wardrobe.


It’s taken 9 months for your body to make your baby and for the majority of us, it’s going to be at least that time (plus a bit more) to fit back into 90% of your wardrobe again.


Pulling together your own mini capsule wardrobe is going to save you time, stress and help you feel comfortable dressing your changing body. Try to rest, eat well, sleep, stay at home and really slow down as much as you can during the month following the birth (known as the 4th Trimester) and stay in your most comfy loungewear! This guide is to help you find your style again once you're ready to face the world...


This time in our life shouldn’t be spent stressing about what to wear or waiting to fit back into our old clothes (chances are your old style may not feel like ‘you’ anymore anyway). We’ve got more than enough to deal with, so simplifying motherhood via your wardrobe will give you more time to spend soaking up those new baby cuddles. So slow down, be present in the moment, get to grips with your new identity as a mother and let the days roll into each other.



Here are my 9 wardrobe essentials that helped me get dressed stress free after both my pregnancies:



  1. Soft Button down shirts (or dresses) These were the essential foundation for my post baby wardrobe (as I was breastfeeding and needed boob access ALL the time). Get a few button down shirts so you can wash and wear, buy larger by 1 or 2 sizes so you feel really comfortable and airy (or borrow a few from husband like I did). Opt for natural fibers if you can, as you’re bound to find yourself in public at some point with a hungry baby getting flustered, hot and sweaty. You’ll thank yourself you bought it roomy so you can move your arms up and down around comfortably. (Plus you’ll be washing these alot, think milk leaks, baby dribble and sweat so they’ll probably end up shrinking down a bit.)


  1. Deep V neck stretchy tops (or dresses) Also worth having if you are breastfeeding are a couple of long line stretchy, deep V neck tops, this is so you can pull down the V to feed or go for a ‘lift the flap’ type breastfeeding vest like B-Shirt. Make sure whatever you buy washes well - stripes or patterns will help hide any milk leaks and baby dribble. Team these tops with your maternity bottoms. And yes, you’ll probably still be opting to wear these stretchy waist wonders for a good few months yet.


  1. Jumpsuits. Button down or wrap-front jumpsuits are the ultimate in speedy stylish dressing. You can sit on the floor in them to change a nappy and bend over without showing your pants. They make getting dressed quick and easy. Just make sure you go for natural type fibres to keep you cool and really relaxed shapes to avoid any splits when you bend down (yep, it’s happened to me before and I don’t wish it upon you. Ever.). Also I nearly forgot, time your toilet trips or you'll be trapped with a sleeping baby and a full bladder (as you'll need to remove any baby carrier to get undressed to pee!)


  1. A Long cardigan. A fine-knit long drapy cardigan or a lovely chunky knit style will act as a cover up and keep the chill out too in cooler weather. Pair this with your t-shirt or blouse and trousers and Viola, you’ve put together your no-fuss mum uniform in less than 10 seconds! No decision-making brain cells wasted there.


  1. The sling and wrap. Not commonly considered part of the wardrobe, but as it’s worn over your clothes, why not start thinking of as an accessory to compliment your outfit? By choosing a neutral or classic tone it will blend seamlessly with your wardrobe and see you through the changing seasons too. I’m obviously biased, but I do believe it’s the most perfect and useful essential accessory for both you and your baby.


  1. Jewellery, sunglasses, hat. Modern, minimal jewellery and a simple pendant will help you feel dressed and put together without too much effort. Don’t forget, baby will be grabbing at temping jewellery in no time, so you’ll want to swap long earrings for studs and your pendant for a teething necklace soon. Sunglasses - use them to keep the hair out of your face, hide your tired eyes, hormonal tears or just shade bright light. A sunhat with a wide brim will help shade baby if you're baby-wearing and a knitted hat will hide undone hair when you’re in a rush in the autumn/winter.


  1. Easy to slip on shoes. Your body will be changing size during this transitional period – but hopefully your feet won’t quite so much?! Anyway, ALWAYS go for comfort and shoes that are quick to get on and slip off, you’ll thank yourself when you’re trying to get out the door in time after the 15th attempt post nappy change and feed delay.


  1. Underwear The first few weeks after baby is born your boobs will have a life of their own. Invest in a couple of very soft, comfortable and easily washable bras for day and night (because you’ll need a back up when the other is in the wash.) ..And while we’re talking about comfort, don’t throw away your big pants just yet - you’ll probably still choose to wear them for a while because you probably won’t want to give up on that comfort just yet.


  1. Dressing gown and comfy loungewear. When all else is done, there is no sweeter feeling in the world then snuggling in your dressing gown at home with your newborn. Indulge in it. Don’t feel guilty. Cuddle as much as you want - food spoils, babies do not. Always remember that. This time is precious, a complete and utter gift.


And if you have any tips you’d like to share, comment below – I’d love to hear them!



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