The ULTIMATE guide to help you decide between The RING SLING Vs THE NEWBORN WRAP





I have a newborn baby - which carrier should I go for? 

 father dad holding his newborn baby in a Mezaya stretchy baby wrap black.

The lowdown on THE NEWBORN BABY WRAP: 

The Mezaya Newborn Baby Wrap as the name suggests has been designed for the Newborn period (for use until approx 16 - 20 weeks old, basically until your baby has back strength and wants to see more of the world.) 

OK, so you might be thinking is it really worth investing in a wrap, especially if it can only be used for that short period of time? My answer is 100% definitely YES. It is worth it! Babies are only babies for a short amount of time but it’s a very special and a vital period in yours and their lives. This wrap is a LIFESAVER! I am a firm believer that if you can calm your baby, connect with them AND retain your sense of freedom - all whilst developing a strong bond, this will help to lift your mood and give you a confident and positive start into motherhood - which ultimately filters into other areas of your life and to those all around you. 

Because our wraps fit like a glove, they are so perfect for recreating a secure, warm, womb like environment for baby. They feel very comforting to wear, especially when your body is feeling at its most sensitive during the fourth trimester.

The wrap is basically a long piece of fabric that you tie around you (I promise it's simple when you know how). It's tied in such a way that you can pop baby in and out as needed without un-tying it. If you are breastfeeding, you generally need to remove baby from the wrap to feed (you don’t have to untie the wrap though. Wear a button down or stretchy v neck top, find a gap in the wrap and latch baby on.) Thanks to our soft and stretchy wrap fabric you simply pop baby back in when you are done feeding.

 The waist band can be spread wide to help support your tummy or it can be worn above a C section scar (always check with your medical practitioner). Sitting down wearing the wrap is comfy too as there is no solid waistband to dig in. The shoulder straps can also be spread wide or flipped over into a cap sleeve shape to take pressure off when needed.

A good way to think of the wrap, is as an item of clothing. So when you get dressed in the morning put your wrap on too. This way you can pop baby in quickly as needed.

The fabric is light and breathable enough to wear all year round. It's even UPF50+, can be machine washed and tumble dried. In fact, washing them every once in a while will refresh the fibres and renew the stretch again. 



The sling can be used from newborn all the way through to toddler. The ring sling is a quick and easy way to carry (there is a slight learning curve but once again, but it’s so worth the effort. I promise it is easy once you know how.)

If you are breastfeeding, the ring sling is really handy. It's so discreet, so private and so easy to feed in - simply loosen and lower baby to latch. The tail end can be used for more privacy if needed. It can also be hovered over babys head as a temporary sunshade or rain/wind cover. With both carriers you can roll into the fabric a little wash cloth or muslin behind baby’s neck to create a pillow to support their head (I’ve got a video tutorial on the website that shows how)

The way you use the sling will change as your baby grows bigger and heavier. Many mums swear to keeping a sling in the car for running quick errands (when setting up the buggy is too much of an effort but you also still need free hands). Even when your tot starts walking or when you have them in a buggy, you can keep one with you for the times when they a) refuse to sit in the buggy and only want to be carried (we’ve all been there) or b) when you need to keep baby safe out of a crowd or near a road and on and on. I found it to be a toddler tantrum lifesaver too, often i've found they just need to reconnect with you and then they are off exploring again. 

The sling relives tired arms and creates a secure place where your baby can nap on the go. It allows you to parent flexibly, to comfort your child, to help them through teething, to sleep, to allow your baby to see your interactions with the world and to be involved and observe in life from a high view point.

The linen is great all year round, especially in the summer or in humid climates as it’s so breathable and strong. You can read more about our linen here.

Even if, later on, your preference is a structured buckle type carrier - we've found lots of mums still switch between using a ring sling too as they are just so convenient and quick to use.



Both are useful carriers, they feel very different to each other. Our ring slings are great for quick carries as they are fast to get on and off. Our Wraps are super soft and ultra comforting and feel like you’re wearing a hug!

Personally, I switched between the BOTH types of carrier with my newborn, daily! I had a toddler to chase and babywearing was a lifesaver, the one thing that allowed me to tend to my tot AND keep my baby content. Babywearing helped me monitor my baby close and safe. I could read my his cues and feed him way before the crying started.

I decided to offer both carriers to you because both have major benefits - switching between them is the most ideal for many mums (and dads). Personally, I chose between carriers depending on my mood, how my body was feeling that particular day and where I was going (or not going).

I remember choosing the RING SLING if I was out somewhere and I couldn't sit to feed easily or wanted to feed really discreetly, as you can just loosen it off, lower baby and latch them on. I remember choosing the WRAP often at home when my body was feeling sensitive or when I knew I'd be out walking for a longer period of time .

You got to the end of this article! Hope that has answered some of you questions and you can view all of the carriers here. 

If you have any questions you can comment below and I invite you to share any useful tips and words you have on our wraps and slings too.





Hi Sophie!
Thanks for your comment. I’m sure it will be helpful to others too.

Wraps/slings are required to be labelled with a minimum starting weight of 3.5kg. Wrapping babies smaller than 3.5kg and premature babies can be wonderfully beneficial when done safely. We always advise that you seek the guidance from a qualified babywearing consultant or relevant professional to ensure you receive personally tailored care and advice. Babies with respiratory problems or low muscle tone should also seek the advise of a health care professional before using this carrier. Remember, always monitor your babies breathing and cues no matter their size, keep fabric open and away from airways so their face is fully visible and kissable by just a nod down.
Hope that helps answer your question!


Victoria April 20, 2018

Hi! Thanks for this great article. I think I want both :) One question though, my baby still weighs under 3.5kg, is it OK for me to use the sling or wrap?

Sophie April 20, 2018

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