Mezaya Baby

Mezaya Navy Capel (Liberty Of London)

£215 GBP

Navy Capel Liberty of London fabric with pure Linen Lining. 

The MEZAYA ergonomic baby carrier combines a minimal and elegant aesthetic with practical function and comfort. 

Designed and hand crafted in South Devon, England, UK by a skilled seamstress, this carrier is made from high quality Liberty of London 100% cotton print paired with authentic Irish Linen from a centuries old mill. The natural fibres in this carrier provide a breathable and supportive environment for you and your baby to enjoy! 

This carrier is lightweight and packs up small, it can easily be rolled into a changing bag.

The seat width is adjustable, you can adapt it to fit your baby, customising the fit. 

It is simple and quick to get on and off, with just 3 clips - a waist clip and two side clips. 

The lightly padded shoulder straps mould around the shape of your body. There is no bulky waist band which means you can sit down with ease without it digging in or irritating your middle or hips.  

It is also breastfeeding friendly. Simply loosen at the side clips to lower baby to latch on.

This carrier can be worn on your front and back. Each carrier comes with a matching chest strap to use with back carriers. This strap can also be used as a loop for a teething toy or dummy during front carriers. 


The details: 

 - Baby size: The best time to wear our clip carriers is from approx 6-8 weeks onwards providing your baby is at least 3.5kg/7.5lb. The carrier has been weight tested to 20kg/ 45lb.

(We recommend you start with the Newborn Baby Wrap for your brand new baby. The Ring Sling is a also a great choice as it can supports newborn to toddler. Read this to understand more)

- Back carries are suitable once your baby can sit up unaided (approx. 6 months, this age will vary depending on baby). 

 - Wearer size: One size fits most. 

- Adjustable seat width to customise fit.

 - The ergonomic design promotes healthy body development for your baby. 

- MEZAYA Carriers are approved "hip-healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

- Flip the neck cover up or down, keeping the chill out for smaller babies or privacy while sleeping. 

- Gentle leg padding for your baby.

-  For low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, always seek advice from a health professional before using this product. 

- Printed instructions come with every Mezaya. A video tutorial can also be found here.



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