Daily Rituals - Postpartum Herb Tea Recipes (Guest Post by Becky O Cole)

Post birth our bodies need as much support as possible and herbs are a wonderful and gentle way to nourish our bodies and boost overall health. Making herbal teas is not only a delicious and comforting way of consuming the benefits of herbs but can also become a soothing ritual to carry out daily.

Taking a few minutes to scoop up a herbal tea blend into our favourite mug, pour over steaming hot water and waiting while it steeps can become a healing moment, a moment to check back into ourselves and catch a breath between feeds and nappy changes.

I’ve created two tea blends to support you through the postpartum period. Fourth Trimester Tea is a balancing and calming tea perfect for when you're feeling fatigued and emotional. It also contains a galactagogue in the form of fenugreek that help increase milk supply. 

Mother’s Tonic Tea is a simple combination of nettle and red raspberry leaves for the perfect postpartum drink. Nettle is a general tonic herb that boosts the system and aids lactation too. Red raspberry leaf is renowned as a uterine tonic, something we all need post birth. It’s also nourishing like nettle and good for all round health.

These herbal teas can be blended ahead of time and stored in a sealed container for a year. There’re also perfect for making up in the third trimester ready for the postpartum period or to give as a gift to expecting mamas.

Fourth Trimester Tea
1 cup chamomile
1 cup dried milky oats
1/4 cup fenugreek
1/4 cup dried rose petals

Mother’s Tonic Tea
1 cup dried nettle leaf
1 cup dried red raspberry leaf

Place the ingredients for your chosen tea in a dry and airtight container and mix well. Label the container with the date and ingredients. To use place 1 tsp of the tea into a tea infuser and place into a mug of boiling hot water. Leave for 10 minutes to infuse. Remove the herbs and enjoy. If you like your tea sweet, add a spoon of raw honey or a little coconut sugar to taste.


Written by Becky O Cole who is a natural living expert, gardener and family herbalist based on a small farm in Northern Ireland. She is mum to two little boys and the host of the Nature & Nourish podcast. You can follow her on Instagram @beckyocole and check out her Natural Mama video series on her website www.beckyocole.com

Becky is wearing Mezaya Flax. 

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