Hi! This was posted to instagram, as this project will mainly take part there, then be shared from there -

I’m looking for some mums/ caregivers with a baby to take part in the #mezayamumproject2020!

The idea of this project is to create a conversation around new motherhood in isolation/social distancing. Motherhood can be isolating in normal times, but in our current situation, it’s something not many of us have had to do before. I feel it’s vital we keep the conversation out in the open and use this platform to help others and to speak our experiences.

I believe babywearing can have immense positive benefits to new motherhood - for both mother and baby - it’s one of the main reasons behind me starting this little brand. That and the feeling that you can still retain a sense of style at the same time too.

- How the #mezayamumproject2020 works:
If you’re selected I’ll send you a newborn wrap or ring sling.

You’ll also be emailed 8 promps to speak to/answer as a springboard for your #mezayamumproject posts. You’ll post once a week for 8 weeks:

I’ll repost your words and sling images and tag your account. It will also be added to articles on our blog at Mezayababy.com.

You’ve got to love capturing high quality babywearing images and love sharing your experiences with others. If you have someone at home who’s a wizz at photography or has an eye for composition that’s great too!
Images need to be composed with the Mezaya aesthetic in mind. (Perfect insta home’s and bodies not required, just a good eye for lighting and composition.) You’ve got to have an active public Instagram account.



-Apply on Instagram
Screen shot this image post and share with the hashtag #mezayamumproject2020, importantly, tell me how old your baby is too! Accounts must be public.

Open to mums worldwide including UK, Europe, USA.

In a week or so I’ll pick a group that best suits the brand in terms of photography aesthetics and global location.

Motherhood at the best of times is hard, please apply if you feel like you can share and take part right now. I’d love to hear from you.

Past mums have said how therapeutic it was to write regularly and to share their experiences with others too.

I hope you can take part!
Please share and let me know if you have Q’s?
Love Victoria xx


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