Linen Sling Review By Jenni @myweebuddy

Why is it that on the days you have things to do, you never get the peace to do it? Today I had big plans of cleaning the house and shooting a YouTube video, however every time I put Buddy down for a nap, he’d wake up straight away and scream the place down.


He has this need to be constantly attached to me to feel comforted, if I’m not holding him or playing the entertainer then he craves my attention, but I guess it’s something that comes with him being a breast fed baby.


Putting Buddy in a sling or wrap is the only way I can keep him chilled while I get some things done around the house. This sling by Mezaya Baby has become Buddy’s favourite place to hang out, he gets to feel close to me and I get my hands free to do other things.
Not only is this sling very practical, but it also looks great and is super easy to style up an outfit. It’s made of a lovely strong, durable linen fabric, that has softened up beautiful over time.
I was a little nervous about getting the sling in such a light colour, but I have even managed to wash it and keep it free from stains, despite Buddy’s best efforts to ruin it with his exploding nappies.


So if, like me, you’re struggling to get s*** done while hanging out with your demanding bundle of joy, get yourself over to Mezaya Baby and pick up one of these slings. I promise you will thank me for it!


Note: As you can see from the above photo, even when out with the pram, Buddy still ends up in the sling to keep him happy and the pram turns into a shopping trolley.


Photos by Billie Rae Photo


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