Linen & Silk Mezaya Baby Sling review from Munich based Babywearing Consultant Ivana Konstantinidis

Translated from the the original German Language blog post here


Do you also love wearing your baby in slings? I love slings! Especially for doing little errands, for getting my sleeping baby, for transporting out of the car and bringing it into the house or in general, and also when it is hot outside. Slings can be worn very quickly, they are super convenient and lightweight and they just look so nice. Mezaya Baby, a sling manufacturer from the UK, makes high quality silk and linen slings and I am very happy I was able to test two of these wonderful slings during the last week.

While I was opening the package and holding the beautiful mint coloured silk ring sling in my hands the first time, I was already overwhelmed.
I immediately noticed that it is something very special. The pure silk sling is wonderfully soft, lightweight and incredibly elegant.

On the one hand, it is delicate enough to carry a newborn with, on the other hand due to its double layer it is supportive enough for a toddler. My baby (eight months old, ~ 9.5 kg) loved it from the first moment and fell asleep within seconds by being worn the first time in it. Also for my bigger daughter (three years, ~ 13 kg) to be carried in it was so cozy that she preferred to stay in it than get out. And my five old just said: „My goodness, such a beautiful wrap!“. So, one thing is for sure: no matter for what occasion you choose it, with a Mezaya silk sling you will always be an absolute eye-catcher.

Did you know that silk is an very strong natural fibre that is durable enough for everyday use? And not only that. With silk it feels incredibly pleasant, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.

You can buy these beautiful treasures at Mezaya baby.

All Mezaya silk slings are unique, limited editions and only ever a small quantity in each coloured silk is available, due to the artisan silk used.

The cinder grey linen sling from the heritage collection was the second Mezaya sling I tested extensively. It convinced me, especially due to the good price quality ratio. Linen is not only active heat-regulating, hypoallergenic, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial, it is also a material which can be combined with every look and pairs effortlessly with simple jeans or a floaty dress. The combination of the beautiful neutral tones and its natural creases it looks very modern and doesn’t even need to be ironed for my taste. The Mezaya linen collection is made with the finest Irish linen and it is completely “made in the UK”.

After I washed it once and wore it just a few times it got so soft that it’s become one of the favourite wraps that I have, within just a few days.
It is extremely well suited for lighter babies, but if not for hours, toddlers can also be worn with it very comfortably.

These beauties are accessible also with a low budget and can be bought via


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